DIY: Make Your Own Bed Frame Using Easy to Find Materials

There are so many easy ways to make your own bed frame and it can very easily be done by using household materials or by recycling and upcycling materials that will give you unique ideas for your bed frame.


One of the best bed frames that looks both trendy and very easy to make, is the pallet bed. A good things about pallets is that they are very easy to work with. Pallet parts can be found anywhere very easily and they are convenient to carry around and transport too. Their versatility is unparalleled when it comes to planning out different styles of furniture with them, they really are very great for adjusting into a number of different plans and designs.

How to Make a DIY Pallet Bed Frame:

To make your very own pallet bed frame, you have to use wooden pallets (of course) and bring in as many as you need according to the size and dimension of your room, your mattress size, and your own personal preferences. Once you have the amount of pallets that you need, it is time to stick them together. By sticking them together you can ensure that the frame remains sturdy and that your bed frame doesn’t slip apart and create gaps in between for mattresses to fall through.


For a queen size bed you will need at least 4 medium sized pallets that you can easily buy at a building supply section in a hardware store, or even the building material recycler. Now measure your mattress as each mattress tends to have its own extra size spillage, and mark down the measurements.

Cut your pallets according to these measurements but leave about 2 to 3 inches extra to allow for the occasional mattress slippage that happens from time to time. You can also leave a lot more space on the side of the pallet if you want to create an attached sort of bed side table, or a small ledge where you can put extra objects of décor or utility besides your bed.

You can use a power saw to easily cut off the pallets and it gives you very clean and smooth cuts most of the time. After you have cut your pallet boards according to your preferred measurements, the next step is to use a sanding tool to sand off the wood. Many people don’t bother with the sanding step after cutting through their wood projects, but it is highly recommended because of the safety benefits.

Often, freshly cut wooden crafts tend to get all kinds of stray splinters in odd places that can be very dangerous and prick you at any time. Splinters are already very dangerous but if you get them in your bed it is even worse, so sanding would get rid of those. To finish your new bed off you can paint the pallets, add comfy linens, and enjoy your very own DIY pallet bed frame.


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