4 Bedroom Theme Room Ideas (Safari, Earth,Bohemian, Sports)

When you make your bedroom to go with an entire theme, it looks and feels much better. To add a classy touch to your very own bedroom, plan out a theme for it by taking inspiration from the themes given below.

1# Animal Safari Theme


A great theme which you can easily add to your room is the animal safari theme. This theme is very easy to do because all you need to do is fin animal print fabric and animal print bed sheets, drapes, curtains and rugs, all of which are very easily found in a home supply store. Because animal prints are very easily available, you can choose from a variety of prints that are animal related.

Some of the popular animal prints that you can use are cheetah print, zebra print, giraffe print, snow leopard print etc. As you can see in the pictures, two prominent popular animal prints have been used as themes, the zebra print and the cheetah print. You can also replicate these fun themes in a very easy way.

2# Earth Themed Bedroom


If you’re more of a fan of the earthy look of rocks, cliffs and canyons, then the earth theme would better suit your bedroom tastes. The earth theme is very easy to do because all you need to do is go with the brown and khaki color palette when you are shopping for room accessories and décor.

Since your drapes and sheets will all be earthy for this theme, you have to keep your wall color toned down to a minimized neutral palette, otherwise the look will become very overpowering.

Along with using earthy colors, you have to keep in mind to use earthy textures as well, so try looking for sheets and rugs and drapes that have a rough rock like texture that will tie in your whole earth theme together.

3# Bohemian Art Theme


If you’re a lover of all things artsy and abstract, then the bohemian art themed look will be perfect for your bedroom. To try this look out for your room, all you have to do is get your hands on the most colorful, and abstract patterned things you can find. Tie dye items work the best with this theme because not only are they very colorful and artsy, but they also have unique abstract patterns formed onto them.

Of course, no art themed room is complete without a good painting, so be sure to go shopping for a good abstract and multicolored painting to brighten up the room and make the theme complete.

4# Sport Themed Bedroom


Sports themed bedrooms are perfect for children and adults alike, who are avid fans of sports. Sports themed bedsheets and drapes aren’t very difficult to find in bedding stores, and if you can’t find curtain then you can easily make them with sports themed sheets.

Add your favorite sport related memorabilia (like balls and jerseys) throughout the room to give it that special authentic sports feel.

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