5 Best Tech Gifts for Christmas in 2017

Christmas is a holiday best known for its gift-giving tradition, but let’s face it, shopping for Christmas gifts among all the chaos can get pretty nerve-wracking. This is why we have rounded up some of the best tech gifts in this that you can wow your loved ones with this Christmas.


1# The Tile Pro

The Tile Pro is the perfect gift for people who have a hard time keeping track of all their belongings. The Tile Pro is a small electronic tile that can be attached very quickly to a keychain and then clipped onto any object that you keep losing track off. Using the Tile Pro app you can quickly and easily find where your lost things are within seconds. So you can lose your belongings, without losing your mind. It also looks very trendy and cutting edge so it doesn’t feel like a bulky and ugly looking device to attach on your belongings. Gift this to your forgetful friend this Christmas and make their life just a little bit easier.


2# Amazon Kindle E Reader Paper White

A lot of readers in this new day and age are stuck in a very harsh dilemma. They love the smell, feel and look of the paper books that are easy on their eyes, and feel great to read, but are torn by the dilemma of it not being environment-friendly. The whole world is moving towards technology as paper books become obsolete, and the Amazon Kindle is a perfect tool for the reader trying to catch up with progress. Gift this to someone who loves reading and see them burst with joy as this product makes them feel better than any paper book they’ve ever held or read.

3# Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is a perfect home assistant for those who are lifelong fans of the Google services and products. The Google Home Mini can take all different kinds of voice prompts and voice commands and sync up with your Google services and products to give you quick results every single time. The Google Home Mini allows you to control many appliances and tech gadgets within your home in very few simple steps.

4# Nintendo Switch with Joy Con

If you have a gamer friend or loved one, they are sure to appreciate your gift of a Nintendo Switch to them. The Nintendo consoles have come a long way from being their primitive early forms, to now being transformed into a portable mobile gaming device to bring out your inner gamer. Make a perfect Christmas gift out of this by adding a Joy Con to this set.

5# Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta is an excellent activity tracker which is sure to make a perfect gift for your tech-obsessed fit friend. This activity tracker is one of the most innovative pieces of technology in the fitness market and is sure to make any fitness lover happy.

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